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Welcome to Les Gabriels Website

Les Gabriels is the name of the Class of 1972 to 1975 at An Phong Hoc Vien, a CSsR (Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris) Seminary in Thu Duc, Viet Nam. We called ourselves Les Gabriels in honor of Archangel Gabriel and for our love of God and Mother Mary. While Archangel Gabriel had been mentioned many times in the Bible, we remember Archangel Gabriel most vividly for the apparition to Mary announcing her conception of Baby Jesus in Luke 1:26-38.  Archangel Gabriel is the Deliverer of Good News, the faithful Servant of God throughout history and the Bridge Builder between God the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.

At the end of the Vietnam War, many of our teachers and classmates were scattered throughout the world. The Godfather and Sponsor of our Class is Monsignor Joseph Tien Loc, who is still serving God and leading the CSsR faithfuls in Viet Nam. Of 34 original classmates, Huynh Cong Hanh, Vu Thai Hoa and Dang Phuoc Hoa had become priests and are serving their parishes in Germany, France and Czech Republic, respectively.  The rest of us and our families settled in Viet Nam, United States, Europe and Australia.

This website is where we congregate and exchange information.  It is here that we share our thoughts and prayers, celebrate of our lives entrusted by God bounded together by three short formative years.  Sharing the good news, encouraging each other to be faithful to God, and bridging the international boundaries, we are the Class of Gabriels.  Welcome to our website.

Mai-Thon Project
Letter from Bo Loc to the Benefactors of Mai Thon   (in PDF format)
Letter from Bo Loc to Former Seminarians Worldwide   (in PDF Format)
Mai Thon Architecture Drawings from Bo Loc

NEW Web Logs from Tran Ngoc Muoi Hai, a friend of Bo Loc

New Photos from LesGabriels Vietnam August 2010


Pictures from Luong
Quang Dung & Luong     Quang Dung & Huan

Cha Hanh in San Francisco, US

Huan, Luong, Vui and The Hai in San Jose, US

Le Lop Gabriels in Vietnam - August 12, 2007









Bo Loc in Orange County at "Nguoi Viet" Radio Station

Bo Loc in Virginia:

Father Phuoc Hoa in Prague
Fr.  Dang Phuoc Hoa, Cardinal of Prague, Fr. Nguyen Van Tinh, CSsR


Fathers Phuoc Hoa and Cong Hanh pictures from Quoc Thanh in Neuenkirchen


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